Digital Media (OCR Cambridge Technical Extended Certificate)

The Digital Media course at PCHS offers a mix of theoretical and practical learning. The course consists of 6 units of work, two of which are externally examined, the others are internally assessed.

In year 12 the focus is on theory work, with the first external exam at the start of the January term, covering the relationship between media companies and their audiences, including media theories and regulation. There is a second external exam in May which focuses on the pre-production process, how companies plan, the key roles involved, and how they work together.

From the last half term of Year 12 all through Year 13 the focus moves to coursework, with students having the opportunity to create their own music videos, or other short films, as well as pitching ideas to clients or focus groups. They will also do a research study into a chosen media sector, media brands and roles in the industry, learning about the skills and attributes needed for a successful career. Later in Year 13 they will plan and produce an advertising campaign, a moving image and a print advert for a client of their own choice, or even a real life customer.

The Digital Media course allows for progression onto further or higher study in Film, TV, Games, Animation either in Media Studies or Media Production, or for career based training where available. PCHS has a proven track record in this field with many ex-students going on to successful careers in many related fields, many keep in touch with the school, and often coming back to give talks to our media students.

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