About the department

The Health and Social Care department at PCHS is available to students from KS4 to KS5.

The Department of Health and Social Care at PCHS has had tremendous success with students doing both Level 2 and Level 3 courses. It has enabled students to work in the Health and Social Care Sector of employment or to continue their studies at University. Students have gone on from Health & Social care to work in the care sector, early years, education, and the NHS to list a few.

We have developed firm relationships with local organisations who offer work placements and guest speakers to enhance what is learned in the classroom environment. This provides students with an excellent insight into how their learning can be applied in the ‘real world’.

Within the course at both levels 2 and 3, students develop a breadth of knowledge about how humans develop across the course of their life and of different social, environmental, genetic and personal factors that impact upon development, health and wellbeing.

Students also develop knowledge and practical skills which relate to the working sectors of healthcare and social care.

We pride ourselves on our links to real life learning experiences and our students are encouraged to participate in meaningful work experience placements, within the health and social care secor, the real care baby programme offering first hand experience of the challenges parenthood brings to life. Alongside these we offer  a host of trips to local care settings like the Alan shearer Centre and those further afield, such as London and volunteer work in orphanages across Budapest. 

The Health and Social Care sectors is one of the largest employers in the region, it offers jobs not just in critical care and medicine.


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