About the department

The Maths department at PCHS aims to present maths as the creative and highly interconnected discipline that it is. ‘Maths is everywhere’ is our mantra and we aim to help our students understand how maths is essential to everyday life, how it links to science, technology and engineering, how financial literacy depends upon it and how it is desirable for most forms of employment. We wish to provide our students with a foundation for understanding the world, an ability to reason mathematically and the capacity to problem solve and think their way through unfamiliar problems logically and sequentially.

Maths is a core subject and is taught across all 3 key stages. 

At Key Stage 3

At Key Stage 3 we ensure our students have the basics required for their GCSE studies.

All students study GCSE Maths, at either Foundation or Higher level.  In sixth form we offer three courses. A level Maths is a popular and well respected qualification which provides pathways to a multitude of further study or employment. Core maths is offered as a supplement to other A levels, providing students with an opportunity to continue to improve their maths skills and support the content of their other courses. Further Maths A Level is offered in addition to A Level Maths and is ideal for students who aim to study Maths, Physics or Engineering at university.

Links to key documents

Details of our curriculum plans across all key stages can be found here: