About the department

The Drama and Performing Arts department at PCHS explores a range of topics, and is taught from KS3-5.

The KS3 Drama curriculum is designed to enable students to explore how we can use Drama to communicate a variety of issues, and strengthen our ability to understand people and life situations.

Students are then given the opportunity to study Drama at GCSE level. There is a huge misconception that Drama is only a viable option for those who want to be actors in the future, when this is not the case. Drama is becoming increasingly popular due to the wide range of employment skills students develop in this subject, and the quality of the teaching that is offered.

In Sixth Form, students can opt to take Performing Arts. We offer the Extended Certificate Cambridge Technical, which is the equivalent to one A-Level. Students further their study into the world of Drama, and explore the future opportunities that the subject can offer. Again, the interest in this subject is growing, as the qualification and the subsequent skills that are gained apply to a wide variety of future pathways.


Drama and Performing Arts

Drama students should be open-minded, co-operative, and dedicated. The Drama curriculum enables students to access a wide variety of future training and careers, and encourages students to develop a variety of transferable skills which are valued in many walks of life, including teamwork, self-confidence, and the ability to communicate effectively.

The course enables students to nurture their practical talents, whilst also expanding their written abilities. The wonderful thing about Drama is it combines both written and oral communication, and prompts students to utilise their imagination to create engaging performances.

Drama encourages self-discipline, adaptability, flexibility, and forces students to trust their own ideas, but also listen to others. These skills are extremely valued in the workplace, and highly sought by employers.


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Details of our curriculum plans across all key stages can be found here: